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3D chip for the inevitable road

November, 2008 (In Chinese)   Link to Original Document (pdf)
3D IC Architecture and Business Model for High-density Memories

March 2010

Memory business models and device scaling are facing challenges due to high manufacturing
costs, a low fab return-on-investment (ROI), a limited number of read and write cycles in Flash
memories, and capacitor scaling limitations for dynamic random access...
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17 startups joined the EETimes' Silicon 60

October 2009

The EE Times List of 60 Emerging Startups, first published in April 2004, has been updated to
version 9.0, highlighting the hottest new companies and technologies...
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BeSang Demonstrates Multi-Layer 3D IC Technology

August 2009

BeSang Inc., a fabless semiconductor company based in Beaverton, OR, has
successfully developed a multi-layer stacked three-dimensional (3D) integrated circuit
(IC) technology. This 3D IC technology enables ultra low-cost solid-state drives
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Frost & Sullivan tips BeSang as 3-D IC winner

March 2009

LONDON — Market research company Frost & Sullivan has written a document in praise of
BeSang Inc. (Beaverton, Oregon) a fabless semiconductor company, founded in 2003 with
strong Korean connections that is developing a 3-D integrated circuit technology...
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EE Times updates list of emerging startups to version 8.0

February 2009

The list of EE Times 60 Emerging Startups, first published in April 2004, has been updated to
version 8.0, reflecting the latest corporate, commercial, technology and market conditions.
Twenty-three companies have been brought onto the Silicon 60...
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BeSang, Albany NanoTech devise 3D memory

April 6, 2006

BeSang Inc., a fabless semiconductor startup, has emerged after keeping a low profile and
disclosed that it is developing a proprietary three-dimensional (3D) memory technology.

BeSang (Portland, Ore.) on Thursday (April 6) also said that it has formed a joint research
project with the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) of the University at
Albany. As part of a three-year program, valued at $1.1 m...
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Emerging company finds home, clients at Albany NanoTech  IMAGE

April 7, 2006

Now there's BeSang Inc., a four-person company based in Portland, Ore. that has only been in
business a few years. Last week, half the company opened up BeSang's East Coast R&D center
at the University at Albany after...
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IP Start-Up Develops High Density Vertical Flash Memory

January 25, 2007

BeSang Inc., a fabless start-up semiconductor IP company based in Portland, OR, has
successfully demonstrated its multi-bit vertical flash memory technology. Combining a 4F2
physical memory cell area and 2-bit per cell memory technology, the flash memory...
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Radar Scope - BeSang

April 18, 2007   Link to Original Document (pdf)
Interview with ET News  IMAGE

April 18, 2007 (In Korean)

비상(BeSang)이 개발한 기술은 간단히 말하면 웨이퍼 두 장을 붙였다가 깨끗하게 떼어내는 기술입니다. 개발
을 시작한 2003년만 해도 불가능하다고들 말하더니, 개발에 성공한 지금에는 쉬워보인다며 왜 개발을 안했을
까라고 이야기하더군요. 벤처의 역할은 남들이 불가능하다고 할 때 시도해 보는 것이 아닐까 합니다...
Single-chip 3-D technology  IMAGE

September 1, 2007

The world's first 3-D chip process is ready for licensing from the fabless semiconductor
design house BeSang Inc.   BeSang fabricated demonstration chips with 128 million
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First 3-D ICs debut  IMAGE  AUDIO

August 11, 2008

World First 3D IC  IMAGE

August 12, 2008 (In Korean)

메모리반도체의 양산 비용을 지금의 20% 수준으로 낮출 수 있는 3차원(3D) 집적회로(IC) 상용화 기술을 국내
외 연구진이 개발했다...
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World first 3D IC News Clips :  YTN News     KBS News     MBC News
August 12, 2008
Semicoductor Spotlight - 3D ICs

August 2008   Link to Original Document (pdf)
World First 3D IC

August 2008   Link to Original Document (pdf)
Stanford, Korean nanofab center, Oregon-based semi startup claim
3D computer chip breakthrough

August 2008

The 3D IC, which was processed on 8-inch wafers with industry standard 0.18-micron CMOS
technologies both at NNFC and SNF, contains 128 million vertically oriented devices as a test
vehicle, and was uniquely processed at low temperatures -- below 400 degrees...
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Investing in the Chip Revolution

September 2008

Last year, a tiny semiconductor design startup, BeSang Inc., announced a breakthrough in 3-D
chip fabrication. Specifically, it touted a new technique for radically improving the performance
and cost-effectiveness of chips produced by conventional chip manufacturing...
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3D technology enables low-cost, high-performance ICs
August 2008

BeSang (Beaverton, OR), a semiconductor company, National NanoFab Center (NNFC), a
nanotechnology laboratory, (Daejeon, Korea) and Stanford NanoFab (SNF) (Palo Alto, CA, a
state-of-the-art, shared-equipment laboratory open to academic, industrial, and governmental
researchers, have developed a breakthrough three-dimensional IC technology promising
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October 2008   Link to Original Document (pdf)

The most recent 3D process, 3D silicon, was jointly announced on August 11th by BeSang, Inc.,
South Korea’s National Nanofab Center, and Stanford University Nanofab Center. This process
creates a layer of active devices on a single silicon wafer, by stacking a processed silicon
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벤처탐방 : BeSang Inc.

November 2009

3차원 반도체 패키지 기술의 등장과 함께 '무어의 법칙'으로 대변되던 종래 반도체기술 발전 속도가 변화하기 시작했다.
현재까지 무어의 법칙을 뛰어 넘기 위한 많은 기술 개발 노력이 있었는데. 그 중에서도 3차원 집적회로 기술이 고집적화
를 이루기 위한 가장 타당한 해결책으로 인식 되고 있으며...  
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BeSang Inc. featured in Private Showing of GSA Forum

June 2011

BeSang Inc. is a pioneer in the design, development and delivery of unsurpassed
three-dimensional (3D) IC solutions, providing unmatched process and design technologies
for 3D IC as well as technology licenses to customers...
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“TRUE 3D” Now a Registered Trademark of BeSang Inc.

BEAVERTON, Ore., June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BeSang Inc. is pleased to announce that
"TRUE 3D" is now a Registered Trademark through the United States Patent and Trademark
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SK Hynix Licenses BeSang's 3D IC

PORTLAND, Ore. — SK Hynix Inc. in Icheon, South Korea, has licensed the 3D chip technology
of BeSang Inc. of Beaverton, Oregon. SK Hynix, which mainly makes DRAM and flash memory
chips, will license what BeSang (which in Korean means "flying high") …
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Top 10 Candidates for Next-Gen Storage

September 2014

True 3D chips from BeSang will be fabricated by SK Hynix. Each level of memory is layered
directly on same die with no need for TSVs, potentially enabling much denser 3D memory
arrays. The patent-license agreement with  …
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Dr. Yohwan Koh joins BeSang technology advisory board

August 2015

Dr. Yohwan Koh, the former senior vice president and head of NAND flash business for SK
Hynix, has joined BeSang Inc. as an advisor.  He has 25 years of professional management,
manufacturing and technology development experience in  ...    …
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BeSang Inc. announces 3D super-NAND flash memory

August 2015

BeSang Inc., a pioneer in the monolithic 3-dimensional (3D) integrated circuits (IC),
announces today its proprietary 3D super-NAND development. "We are pleased to announce
3D super-NAND which is expected to be the lowest Cost-per-Bit' ...    …
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Can 3D Super-NAND improve Cost-per-Bit for 3D NAND

August 2015

The 3D NAND floodgates just opened a little wider with today's announcement from BeSang
that it has developed 3D Super-NAND technology, based on a monolithic 3D IC process, True
3D(TM) IC, claiming to be the "lowest cost-per-bit in the NAND market
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