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It is simply NOR with 3D cell stacking on top of memory logic
SLC for less than 100 ns read latency
Ultra-Low Cost : 6 cents/GB
It could replace DRAM as NVDIMM

Ultra-Low Cost
6 cents/GB

It is much cheaper than DRAM and other 3D NAND.

Super-Fast NVM
100ns Read Latency

So, it could replace DRAM as NVDIMM and it is non-volatile.

3D XPoint Replacement

As fast as 3D XPoint, but much affordable.

Storage Class Memory

No emerging memories are needed. Simply NVDIMM with 3D Super-NOR will be good enough for fast non-volatile memory for storage devices


Storage Class Memory
Reality, Opportunity, and Competition

Emerging memories, NVDIMM-P, and NOR-based NVDIMM are compared for SCM.


It will take time for emerging memories to close the gap with silicon memories due to material, cell size, and manufacturing cost issues.


NVDIMM-P is not for SCM. It is just improved SSD.


3D Super-NOR could change the traditional memory hierarchy with ultra-low cost, non-volatile, and fast access time. Now, the semiconductor industry is changing from planar (i.e. Moore's Law) to novel 3D integration.

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